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Chronicles of a fresh start

Chronic translated from Portuguese into their language with google translator. I can not guarantee it to be 100% faithful to his tongue!

Chronicles of a fresh start

Read this before you start

"Everything that happens or can happen has happened before. God makes something happen happen again. "Ecclesiastes, chapter 3; 15 (Bible in the Language of Today)

Who ever has had the feeling of having gone through a situation that is experiencing now? The DejaVu known as? Many think so! Who ever dreamed that such was going to work and dream witnessing a motorcycle accident? Wakes up and gets through encucado with the dream he had, usually take your coffee, still remembering the dream, then it will work. Going to work and then witnesses the motorcycle accident that! Many people do not have precognitive dreams, but what would be the premonitory dreams? Would you seeing what will happen or what might happen? Or what has happened or what might happen? The idea is very simple, we live in a cycle of endless cycles being remade every time a cycle ends! One day this universe will have its end and restart all over again! And all that happened before or what may happen today will happen again! The law of time is eternal repetition! We are connected to time in each cycle that gives the universe, we are experiencing all over again! Be different destinations with the same or similar to what we experienced in the previous cycle, but not everyone is aware of it.

The new beginning of Darius

Darius was a young man who was born into a humble family in the backwoods of Maranhão, struggling to finish elementary school, but life was hard, had to work early. It started as a bricklayer's assistant, age 19 was already considered a professional mason and there he is working on a building, on a Saturday in late hours, his new coworker Etam looks at him and says:
-Darius. Let's now leave the night after finishing this gig here?
-Can be expensive, even needing to relax, will do two weeks my girlfriend broke up with Lucas.
-I know a very cool place that has a lot of hot woman! It will be good for you ease the mind! Cê needs a pussy to relax bro!
It's ... I think that will help.

The two then arrange, Lucas then moves into the house of Darius before going, he tells his mother he is going to say:
Go with God my son! And be careful!
-Stay calm mother! I turn and I go without waking you up! Kisses!

Lucas says:
-Grab your helmet and climbs right dude!

The two then go, then are coming into place that has known loud music and cheesy techno rolling. The place they stopped is a known brothel, where honest workers will spend their hard earned money to drink, have sex and do worse things, like using drugs. It's a night so far as the other to Darius, he then arranges a prostitute than 50 real fuck her back to the table and his friend Luke, he notes that he is with two friends, drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette different . He soon realizes that it is marijuana:

-Boy! I did not know tha smoked it!
Relax, dude! Just exactly what I smoke. Why do not you try it?
-Face. No it does not short ...
-Stay calm, it will leave you relaxed, let me introduce you to my partners here. This is Alberto and Andrew studied with me, we're here doing a wheel to smoke this joint. Enter this mine.
-I do not face ...

The others laugh and then Alberto speaks:
-Relax dude. This here will not let you get out aggressive killing others, just stay away from the stone!
-Stone? Has anyone wanting to throw stones?

The three then start laughing, then Andrew says:

-Stone is a nickname we give to crack on parade here. The guy who wears it becomes a zombie without a will, our beck here, too addictive, but most is not addictive. But at least it will not let you turn into a zombie killer. Bora this guy gives a few drinks there!

Then there is Dário using marijuana for the first time feels a sense of pleasure very good. The next 6 months passing out with Lucas and two other friends is always on weekends, Dario always drink moderately and smokes his moderately based. The late nights of partying and sex are always on Saturday night, as they do not work on Sunday. Until now Darius is seen in control, but there comes a day that he gives a vacilada, just going to work on Monday, with a tremendous hangover from the night before. He has a very bad performance in the morning, at lunch he notices that his friend Lucas who was at the party with him the night before or demonstrate exhaustion at work, he's there in a good mood. Darius question:

Face-... How do you manage?
-Boy, is this, it's been about 5 weeks since I always use a stone in the morning before work, only in this mondays, is a way for me to keep track. After all do not want to become a zombie killer!
Yeah, crazy guy! You lost your mind!
-Relax bro. Not to indulge in this bitch and not stay awake for days, just smoke a joint of marijuana the night that you sleep like an angel. Here's to a good lead until the other day. The stone I just to using the Mondays. Try it here for you to see how your day will yield! Ligadão makes you mine!
Non-face ...

In both insist Lucas, Darius experienced first stone. Then in their next 3 months, it now will not only feasts on Saturdays, Sundays he goes too and every Monday he and Lucas smoke your crack rock. The two begin to go together to buy your rock and your marijuana Monday in the mouth of smoke. Until one day, they buy marijuana, both see that there is more marijuana. They then begin to use more frequently the crack, which is no longer only on Mondays in the morning and goes to every morning, then every morning and night! When you least expect it, are already completely addicted. Darius no longer lives with his mother, with Luke now lives in a filthy room and two practice now armed robbery where a motorcycle. Lucas on the bike and with the revolver Darius 38, on the night of December 21, 2012, as the two are always hunting his victim. Passing an empty street, before 21 o'clock, they see a couple of boyfriends, stop the bike in front of them, Dario soon descends and says:
-Lost! Lost! Assault! Vai money coming over the phone!

The man says:

Calmae-face ... Only here to watch the ...

By the time the man starts taking the clock and will deliver to Darius, he prepares for a reaction and quickly kick the belly of Darius where he was supported with the gun near her belly where she was preparing to lift at any time that just was not fast enough. Darius falls to the ground with the gun to the other side and watch for another, when he gets up, there was only one shot. The man who is now disarmed the ground with a bullet that pierced his chest and left dying on the floor, the girl who accompanied vai to meet him and hugs him and cries cries to:

Please! Go away!

Lucas also throws her head against falling dead to the ground!

-Let's Dario! Vamo!
-You did not tell me that tava armed man!
Sobe Sobe-fucking!

The two then leave with everything on the bike, stop coming into your home and start arguing for a long time:

Lucas-Damn! He needed to have killed them both!
It was the adrenaline of the moment fuck! The son of girl disarm you! He would take his gun and kill you later!
But also, why kill her face!
-Why!? No sense dude! Let's handle just watch this guy go in and handle our stone Bronha Zé!

The two then go to Joe Bronha buy your stone:
Then-Ze. How shard we get out of it. - Lucas says.
-Look at this watch ... I like it. I like it. From giving me two rocks.
Ze-Damn! Two stones! This right here does not watch Paraguay!
Okay-bum me out! - Joe yells pointing your Bereta to face Lucas!
-O thou accept this now or you climb lame!

Joe Bereta bronha then points to his two. Lucas looks at Joe bronha, picks up two stones and leaves with Darius complaining:

-Holy shit ... Dario ... I'm getting pissed off with Ze ... He has increasingly devalued our merchandise ...
-I can not stop thinking about those two guy ...
-Damn mermão! Will stay with the little feather I killed playboy there now! And that little bitch girlfriend! Or was he or was you!
Non-Lucas ... We should not reach this point ...

A rifle shot is given! Luke's head is smashed! Then the policemen and civilians who were PM.2 readiness begin to leave the places they least thought they would appear. Dario then starts running! But is shot in the leg and falls to the ground screaming in pain. The other officers are entering the mouth and smoke more bullets are fired. Darius it is on the ground in agony of pain, a white police officer of stature, with blue eyes gets near him and says:

Lost-bum! An hour ago we received the occurrence of an unmarried couple who was robbed! The girl died instantly and the man survived the way to the hospital! People who were denounced by far you! When I found out who it was I was enraged! Death of his partner was well deserved! We was already watching you two and that mouth of smoke! Your partner killed a guy who was very good people, he could become a great police in the future because it has helped us, shame that his illness did not leave! My partner has had the good fortune to have heard his friend coincidentally confess that killed them both! I gave the radio voice command to delete the bastard and he came straight over here!
-I did not kill him sinhor!
It does not matter! You are more crap like that!

A shot is fired then pistol police and Dario is now dead! Actually think Darius is dead! He does not know what is happening around them but now finds herself in a dark dungeon and oval. Begins hearing strange grunts ... Look around you and see a hideous beast and bizarre! Resembles a black panther with bat wings and a huge ass with a spearhead that makes the sound of a rattle and is ginormous! She smiles at him and then says:

-Darius Hello! I am your executioner here!
-My God! What I'm doing here! I thought there would be more!
Many as-you think the same thing.
Please! Do not hurt me!
-You will not suffer so much! I would not say the same of his friend and Zé Bronha!

The demonic being then pierces the chest of Darius to cross it! Dario then starts feeling a lot of pain in what appears to be his body, but he remembers that this is his very soul and screams! The beast then speaks:

-Look right through the screen that will be on your way! Look well!

The beast then Darius and he raises a lot of pain, get to see the story of your life passing before your eyes! The beast then speaks!

How many times do I have to make you go through that again for you to understand that this path does not pay!
How so again!?

Dario then sees his life passing before his eyes until the day he was robbing the couple and hear the beast say!
Look well-Dario! Look well! Look how many times as needed! I have eternity to do it with you again!

Dario then sees everything happening again, he wants the pain to stop! The pain finally! And Darius has not remember anything, but there is a child being born again in a humble house and living his childhood, until in his adult life working as a mason and get lost in the world of drugs again, this Darius was a child! In one of the rare nights that got very little sleep as he always wakes up in his bed, soaked in sweat so much! He vaguely remembers a nightmare he assaulted a couple with your partner that Lucas killed after the two died in fine and he stumbles upon the demonic being. When he wakes up he looks at Luke and says:

-Damn my ... I had a nightmare too scrotum now seemed very real. Ever had one of those?
-No more nightmares, but had direct, do not sleep in a month guy.
-That was creepy ...
-How was it?
I do not remember right, just know that we both morríamos but not remember exactly what it was, then I know I was in a very dark place with a hideous beast ...
Forget-crazy. Everyone will die someday. Let's do this! I fear tabalhá to get the shard of every day.

Again there are the two assaulting the pair of lovers. Darius tells the same things and adds:
-Vamo! Vamo! And do not respond if you do not die!
Calmae-face. I'll give the clock. - The man then gives you the biggest clock in the world calm.

Dario then says:
And you! Passae what has too!
-I only have two real pocket! Grab! - She hands him nervous.

The two after the robbery then go away and leave the bike. And now they're coming out there on the bike, but this time leaving the couple live. Again Darius is coming out of the mouth of smoke Ze Brush listening Lucas complaining about it he says:

Face-... Ever had that feeling of having already experienced a situation before.
All-time! This is called a breeze too! Vambora soon.

It's nothing out of the policiai blow and are pointing their guns to Darius and Lucas. Lucas pulls his gun and starts shooting. But then is shot in the chest! Darius afraid speech:

-Okay! I lost! I lost!

The officer shouted:

-Lie on the floor fela of a bitch! There does not react!

Other shots are given inside the mouth of smoke. The cop says:
Okay-armed bum! Leave the gun the bullet will eat!

Darius is then arrested and Joe Brush also, the two are then forwarded to the regional police station, now Darius is arrested as yet had no criminal record, he does not get much time in prison. Spends a week there, but again commit crimes again, ends up being tried for robbery and armed robbery, ending up finally in jail. When there is, is visited by evangelicals, one of them gives you a Bible. He then spends the rest of his sentence, reading the Bible, it has been his only solace in how much is in hell called chain. Until he got his sentence reduced when left there after having read the entire Bible, decides to admit a recovery center for addicts, where he met many of the same story.


Darius is now in clinical drug, called Good Samaritan, there are almost 2 months. Life in the clinic is almost monastic, follow all rules there are and with intention to quit drugs. Although the statistics are against him, 90% of those who leave there, go back to being dependent. He has seen many come and go, the men who help in this fight, are former addicts, are the workers of the Good Samaritan community. A religious entity of the few who make a true work towards society. Darius was never much a person connected with religion though her mother was gospel, though born in a cradle Catholic, his alcoholic father had died at age 30 in a bar fight. Leaving him over his two sisters to take care of a single mother, the difference that the sisters of Darius were not lost in drugs. Darius now has her hopes renewed every day he reads the Bible, is already the second time that is finishing reading the Bible, but is sometimes amazed that reads it, he is one of the few who noticed that there has verses that hours make him admire God and time hating him, was already discovering the biblical contradictions, but always tried to take what was good in it and pretend that certain parts were just a matter of context or figurative, like the shepherds said. One afternoon, he saw a man coming, a man who seemed very familiar. He remembers that it is the man who assaulted on December 21, 2012! The man arrives and greets the worker on duty and who knows. Look at Darius and says:
Hi-... - Darius responds.
-Funny ... I think I've seen you somewhere ...

"Can not he know that it was I who robbed him, was the helmet, but the helmet though had no visor ..." He then answers.

You must have seen someone like that.
It's ... It may have been ...
-What's your name?

From that day on, sometimes via Dario Nilton, he sometimes visited the center whenever he could and talked to the patients there and always brought something to them, usually bread, clothes or anything to serve the community. With time Darius began to have more intimacy with Nilton. One day they were having the following conversation:
-Then Darius? His story is more or less the same as almost everyone here? Worked honestly to start getting involved with wrong crowd?
It's expensive. The drug destroyed everything. I'm trying to start again.
-Start. I always believe that we live an eternal new beginning.
-What do you mean?
-Have you ever stopped to think that all we live in today, is only a repetition?
Already-face ... I on the day I saw my partner in crime being killed I was having this same conversation with him ....
You know dude ... Once me and my girlfriend were assaulted. I even thought about reacting, because I was very calm at the time and got some practice martial arts, but preferred not to react because something in my head also said that I had been through that and if I reacted would be a bad deal .. .
It's true ... You made the right choice ... I would like to tell you something.
-It was me and my partner that night had robbed you ...

Nilton looked at it a while and said:
De-good guy. I'm not mad at you. Crack makes you lose your mind.
It's expensive ...
I know more or less what happened to you, because I've lost my mind.
-Because of drugs?
-No. The drugs never made me lose my mind, I had already tried marijuana and cocaine smelled once. Marijuana did not even think I smoked 12 times, but never made my head, now I'm 28 years old. And I'm proud to say that these drugs were never my head. I'd rather spend money on good food and juicy!

Both laughed, then Nilton back to say:
-But my problem is worse than drugs, suffer from bipolar disorder, a disease without a cure, before also known as manic depressive. I'll have to take medication for life or maybe one day, try to live with it without the drugs, but crises ever seen!
How is this disease?
-I am like a junkie noia without being drugged. Got it?
I imagine ...
-Not to mention it has a drastic change of mood, which can range from a strong depression with suicidal thoughts and many in the phase of euphoria, can not sit still for anything, always walking back and forth without stopping until calejarem feet.
It must be very difficult so.
Luckily for me, I was born into a family that is able to take care of me.
Glad-right guy.
-I've done a lot of shit when I was surtado, was hospitalized twice in a hospice, I even tried interning here, but my problem was not with drugs they said they did not need me to intern here although I could visit the staff here, which I have already witnessed in crisis. As they welcomed me, I always help them in the way that I can.
I understand dude. Are you an evangelical?
-No. I would say that I'm almost an atheist! I believe that something gave rise to flick the universe and he did come up with some natural and spiritual order. But honestly, I do not believe in the God of the Bible.
-For a number of things, I know the bible, I've read it so many contradictions that make me disbelieve in God Jehovah.
-And the thing that I most disagree with the Bible, to be exact in the Christian religion today is the dogma of hell of eternal torture.
-Face. There are bad people who deserve to suffer.
-I know, but even so this suffering must be eternal.
-People have free will.
-But one can be as bad as possible and will never choose to suffer eternally.
-Punishment for me, it has to be something to fix, to renew. Hell no renews anyone! It's a prison you will only suffer and will not do regret.
-A person could have repented on earth as in alive.
-Do you believe that God's mercy is everlasting?
-Have you read Psalm 100?
-Yes, but I can not remember right, I've read the Bible twice.
-Ok. Grab your Bible and read Psalm 100, verse 5.
He then reads "For the LORD is good and his mercy is everlasting, and His truth lasts from generation to generation."
Psalms 100:5

-Well then man. You know what is eternal? It is the right that has no end? If no beginning and no end? Right?
-Well then, God's mercy is endless.
-But the Bible says that you will have those who will be condemned.
-Beauty. Accompany my reasoning. Mercy is the act of always give one more chance right?
-You as a human being if someone of good will have a second chance. Look you here. Out of jail for human mercy and here is having his second chance. You will not have other chances like that then. It may even have, but will not be forever right?
-Well. The mercy of God is eternal, it also has to be worth to you even if you are suffering in hell.
-But it says nothing in the Bible that all are saved.
-You think that, but first I have to show you another verse. Go in Job 42, verses 1 and 2.

There it was written: "Then Job answered the LORD, saying,
Well I know that thou canst do everything, and that no purpose of thine can be thwarted. "
Job 42:1-2
-What do you understand this verse? There is very clear that everything God wants He gets right?
-Do you believe that when you have a purpose or a desire, you will plan all forms for you to fulfill your desire right?
-So. But in a problem. You are a human being, soon. You can fail. Right?
-But God is omnipotent, so anything he want to happen will happen! Right?
-Okay. Where I'm going with this. Go in first Timothy, chapter 2, verses 3 and 4.

There it was written: "This is good and pleases God our Savior,
Who will have all men to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:3-4 "

Darius-understood? You just said that the greatest desire of God, your higher purpose is that all be saved. Which will prevail? The God's or yours?
-The God of ...
-To complete. Go in Matthew 5, verse 26.

There it was written: "Verily I say unto thee shall go forth from thence in any way until you have paid the last farthing.
Matthew 5:26 "

-Darius Well, this is a reference to doomsday, if you read this chapter from the beginning, will read that Jesus refers to doomsday.

Darius read and confirmed Nilton said. Nilton then continues:
-Do not leave the prison until you pay the last penny or coin. Then just say that symbolically, that you will be in hell for a limited time. See what I mean Darius? She swallowed the red pill and see reality now?
-Yes. - Darius says looking amazed to Nilton.
Poi-good guy. You know when I told you about our living in a perpetual cycle, an eternal new beginning?
I know.
Well, look at the Bible in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, verse 15.

There it was written: "Everything that happens or can happen has happened before. God makes something happen happen again. "Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, 15

-Well. Want to know what King Solomon meant by that? That when we die, we will relive it all again. For everything that happens has happened before and everything that can happen has already happened before. That is expensive, if you happen to be a guy who got into drugs and is here to recover and grow later in life with a track. This has happened before! If you had been a man who died getting involved with drugs, this also happened before! If you could be a guy who never got involved with drugs and today would be an architect. This also happened before! For it is quite clear in this verse. Whatever happens or what may happen, has happened before! Then entering the free agency! Which of these possibilities you that to happen? So yes I would say there is free will. That is always an opportunity that God gives us even if it is after death to live the same life that we have lived before, reviving her again, in a copy of this new world for you just make the best choice until the day you join God definitely!
-Dude! I am amazed! It makes perfect sense!
-Well dude. You even in my view, can relive it all again with more difficulties or facilities, like the level easy, medium and hard for a video game. The difficulty you could be born crippled the hard level, or with her family rebirth worse than you lived or could even be the case that you relive it all again in a family with good condition like mine and it would be far more easy for you. It would be the easy level you understand?
Lighter-face is impossible!
-All right then!

Darius spent the nine months then you should pass the Good Samaritan Center, was one of the workers who helped other addicts to kick the habit and then returned to work honestly, married and had two sons and made them well. Then at age 93, already a widower since his wife died, is also weak and begins to die. And there is Darius again in another Oval Office, but this time white and the walls of this room gets to spend his life again, since the day of his birth until the day of his death at age 93. He gets emotional and says to himself. "I know that I lived well, ms would have done better to save my choices and my suffering and who loved me."

And there is Darius reborn again in a humble family, he then grows and works as a bricklayer. His girlfriend wide once again with Lucas he is going to a whorehouse. His friends then offer him marijuana, but something inside him, that feeling of having already experienced this situation comes up again and something tells you it's bad business to try the drug and he says:
Non-faces. To the outside. I'm going out here.

He then grabs a moto-taxi and go home and spend then slowly cut the friendship of Luke. Who tried to help kick the habit of drugs, but later saw him die with his own eyes because he was forced to kill him to stay alive and save his girlfriend who came to marry, was not arrested because they consider self-defense. But that is another story ... Now Darius with the effort he had in life, went back to school, finished high school and after much struggle majored in architecture. And now at age 78, is a beautiful day talking to his grandson 15 years who asks:
-Grandpa. I'm so afraid of going to hell.
-Look my son. You're not going to hell.
-But my mom says I'll see if I get porn sites.
Her mother did not know anything.
She says it is sin.
My dear grandson. Listen well to what I tell you.
-Only one sin, is to force other people close to you going through so much an undesirable situation for them as for you.
How so?
-When you steal, you make someone pass the undesirable situation of being stolen. When you lie to someone, you make a person go through this undesirable situation of being cheated. When you kill someone, you make that person go through the undesirable situation of being killed. Understood?
Yes, Grandpa!
That's it-boy. Let's play a video game now!


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