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Jews, Muslims and Christians!

Jews, Muslims and Christians!

The two things I will never believe in my life!

The first of these, is that God condemns or let someone suffer eternally in hell. For I believe God gave us intelligence to uncover the logical reasoning and many other things to make our lives easier. And the more I try to argue with every Christian, giving is biblical or historical arguments that hell is a big lie. They always come with a thousand and one excuses that I'm wrong. But when the argument with logical reasoning and I think logically, all remain unanswered!

Want to see just why? Think about it, suppose you were in the place of God and He were omnipotent! Could it all! Do not even want to assume it's in God's place? Ok! Then suppose you could resurrect people. The worst of his enemies. Who killed his wife and children with refinements of cruelty that would be enough to make any human being, however good it was, getting so angry and want to kill that criminal in the same way he killed their loved ones. And then you do it! Why the hatred took care of you! And you do to prevent that same killer even do it with others. Because it will be avoiding that other good people suffer and feel the same hatred that you feel and become first bad as you, even if it has to be temporary, because a good man of truth, will not want to be evil forever .

But as I said, you have the power to resurrect people. Do you consider a good person even after you are resurrected countless times that your worst enemy and kill him just as he did to his family?Or would you consider another person as well, which also had powers to resuscitate his enemy to do countless times and then kill him the same way he killed his family?

In both cases, I have only one conclusion to reach, a person who agrees to do or not do, can only be someone infinitely evil and hateful, something that is completely contradictory to God's unconditional love! And if you disagree with me, you can begin to take an examination in his conscience or to a psychiatrist! For it is raving! And for many religious fanatics or is eternally God who punishes sinners who had not followed his path or the Devil is doing it for God. So do not believe in hell or eternal damnation in many religious places, before a purgatory for all sinners or evil men, proportionately suffer any harm they have done and then to feel the greatest shame of themselves before God to repent and accept Him as their Redeemer and for purifier a fresh start!

Speaking of beginnings. As August Cury: "We can not go back in time, we can only make a new beginning" For me, this new beginning, can come up even with a life after life, even if it is a fresh start with the same life that you lives today! That's why I do not believe that there is life after death. Because I've been through this and know I'll get through it forever! The U.S. is hard to prove to skeptics that it exists. The only way they are going through the same experience I went through and remember and remember that there is always the beginning of the same vital life in which they live.The least they must consider the possibility that there is the Eternal fresh start and become skeptical optimists! Why between us skeptical and rational ... It is the fairest way for everyone who wants to change their lives for the better, even if often worse doing it! So I say. The great thing to be eternal, is to forget that is eternal and remember again that is! Always passing the clean slate of Eternal Life! Alaikun Salaam!

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